CD DeSade - Asylum

CD DeSade - Asylum

VAT included


DeSade has a brand new drop ready, so leave the world of normies behind and let's get committed to Asylum together!


  • 01 Killer
  • 02 Nečlověk
  • 03 Asylum (ft. Denoi) MUSIC VIDEO
  • 04 Desade nebo Nic MUSIC VIDEO
  • 05 Tam Venku
  • 06 Nejsem OK (ft. Astral One)
  • 07 Já se Směju
  • 08 Psanci (ft. Řezník)
  • 09 Sereteme
  • 10 Infinity (ft. Loki Lonestar)
  • 11 Lidé.cz 2.0 (ft. Sax)
  • 12 Lonely Planet (ft. Zombiez & Annabelle)
    13 Horrorheads (Possetrack) (ft. Scum (USA), Řezník (CZ), Amokrun (D), Super Famous Fun Time Guys (USA), Resin (CAN), Swann (CAN), Astral One (SK), Byzo (SRB), Horror Avantgarda (CZ), Anubis Eradihate (SK), Cetys (SK), Dan F (RUS), Boroda (BY), Riasboss (RCH),
    Mozek Krang, J-Style (CZ))

! Warning !
This CD is strictly 18+ rated! By purchasing, you're confirming that this applies to you as well!

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