CD Razakel - Muerta

CD Razakel - Muerta

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Razakel´s "Muerta" album from 2012. True female horrorcore rap.


In a genre that is nearly all male dominated there are few female emcee's that break The stigma of the lyrically friendly, sexually motivated motif's that have been used for females Since the conception of the female artist. Razakel not only breaks the stigma, but completely Destroys it. With her new full length record "Muerta", underground female artist Razakel Proves once and for all that she stands at the top with the "Elite Males" who dominate the genre, not as a female artist, but as a true innovator and master of her craft. Muerta delivers a devastating delivery of lyrically charged anger and horror, featuring tracks like "Megan / C.A.K.E", Ode To Bathory, & Violent Midnight, Muerta gives the listener the most aggressive album Ever released from the Wicked Queen Bitch under the SKR banner. Recorded at Worldwide Studio's in Albuquerque New Mexico, this album also promises to deliver a higher quality and more innovative listening experience. With the addition of featured production from THESICKBEATS.COM "Muerta" will not only submerge you, it will strangle you with your own Headphone chords, giving horror fanatics and even commercial listener's something to Talk about and listen to for years to come.


  • 01. Intro
  • 02. Snuff Dream Come True
  • 03. Muerta
  • 04. Megan / C.A.K.E
  • 05. Keep It Wicked
  • 06. Alpha Female (Spoken Word by SickTanicK)
  • 07. No Muzzle WATCH VIDEO
  • 08. Cock Block ft Ruby
  • 09 .Girl Interrupted
  • 10. Ode To Bathory
  • 11. I Don't Need You ft Boondox
  • 12. Sugar & Spice
  • 13. Homicidal Activity
  • 14. Pimp Slap ft Stitch Mouth
  • 15. Prince Charming
  • 16. Black Wedding Massacre ft SickTanicK
  • 17. Violent Midnight
  • 18. Never Let You go ft Two Clipz
  • 19. Yesterday's Dead
  • 20. Razland

    Bonus Tracks

  • 21. Muerta ft Big Lokote
  • 22. Blood In The Snow ft Komatose



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